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Here’s proof that Angelina Jolie lived her best life on vacation in Italy

Angelina Jolie makes a splash while enjoying an Italian getaway.

46 year old man The Eternals The star joined her children on a recent vacation to Italy, where they stayed at the chic Cipriani Hotel in Venice. During the visit, Angelina spent time with married artists JR and Nourry plum, who posted photos of the actress on Instagram throughout the tour.

Among the photos shared on social media, one of Angelina wearing a gray kaftan while gesturing happily on an Italian rooftop, in addition to a photo of the A-lister enjoying a meal aboard a train. luxury. Another photo showed Angelina holding a camera while leaning out of a train window.

Angelina is certainly not the only superstar enjoying a European getaway this summer. Two other celebrities who spent some time out in the jet set were Jennifer lopez and Ben affleck, who celebrated her 52nd birthday on July 24 with a yacht trip to Saint-Tropez, France, and then traveled to Italy.

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