Helldivers 2 Community At War Over PSN Requirement On Steam

Helldiverse 2 is a game about endless war and its fans now find themselves in a similar situation as a civil war rages between players following a change to the way the super popular online shooter will work on PC.

On May 3, it was announced that Helldiverse 2 PC gamers You may need to create a free PlayStation Network account to continue playing the game on Steam. While the game’s Steam page always stated that a PSN account was required to play, Sony and Arrowhead had disabled this requirement due to server issues and players being unable to link their accounts. But now that the dust has settled and things are stable (for the most part), the PSN requirement is about to be enforced. On May 6, new players will need to have a PSN account to play. In the meantime, existing players will have until June 4.

This account association announcement sparked a civil war within the great Helldiverse community, with some suggesting it’s no big deal and others saying it would completely kill the popular sci-fi co-op shooter on PC. The war has spread to Reddit, Discord, Twitter and everywhere else, fans of Helldiverse 2 gather online. This is arguably the first time the community has been divided in this way and the first real negative event the popular shooter has faced since its launch earlier this year.

Both sides in the Helldiverse 2 civil war

Generally speaking, if you look online, there are two sides to the war. A group of mostly PlayStation gamers says this requirement, while a bit annoying, isn’t a big deal. They say many games require a third party account, the Steam page has always listed a PSN account requirement and getting a PlayStation account is quick, easy and free.

The other side, mostly made up of PC-only or mostly PC gamers, claims that this requirement is bullshit. They point out that, of course, the store always mentioned that the account would be required, but that Sony hasn’t enforced it in months, which they say suggests that it’s not necessary at all for the game works and PC and PSN users can enjoy it. Play together. Some also don’t trust Sony with their information. And others point to a bigger problem: PSN isn’t legally available in all countries. So PC gamers in certain regions of the world might be screwed once Helldiverse 2 requires you to have a PSN account to play.

On this last point, Arrowhead Games mentioned in the Helldiverse 2 Discord that the decision to force players to have a PSN account came from Sony and that it does not yet have full details on the issues with the region and is looking into the matter. (Sounds like this is something you wish you had figured out months ago…)

The two sides are divided not only on the PSN account issue, but also across old platform divisions. There’s a real proxy war going on beneath the surface between former PlayStation loyalists and angry PC gamers who aren’t fans of the consoles or their audience. I’ve spotted numerous posts on the game’s Discord server from PSN players joking about why they hate playing with PC players, and Steam users suggesting that they will now kill PlayStation players during missions.

The ruins of war

As might be expected, this war and its aftermath are not limited to Twitter posts and threads. On Steam, Helldiverse 2 now has a “Mixed” rating statussomething that would have seemed impossible a few days ago.

It was a game that was killing him, a rare example of a live service title done welland a game that had a community that loved it so much that it online role playing game when you respond to official posts and messages. The player base, with a few exceptions, was united against bots and bugs. They fought side by side against threats large and small. They worked together to protect democracy. Now they are fighting. This is the first time the community has split like this and I wonder when or if it will ever fully recover.

A screenshot shows some messages from the Helldivers Discord.

Screenshot: Kotaku / Discord

NOW, Helldiverse 2 is receiving numerous negative reviews on Steam, many of which are calling for a boycott of the game and suggesting people ask Valve for a refund. Around 12 hours after the news was announced, the game had already received over 10,000 new negative reviews on Steam.

Over there in the Helldiverse Discord server, the situation has become a nightmare. Many players who aren’t involved in online shouting can’t chat with other players because of all the spam, toxic messages, and rants. Gaming community leaders are jumping from channel to channel, trying to stop the war from infecting every part of the server as angry gamers spill over to the OffTopic channel to vent about Sony, PSN accounts, PC gamers and the future of gaming.

I feel especially bad for the community managers, because it appears this announcement was not made by them, and Sony, the company that ultimately owns the intellectual property, has not provided further details to Arrowhead or his team. Yet these are the poor souls who spend hours and hours on Discord, answering questions while angry players hurl insults and complaints at them.

“Until (Sony) offers us a more detailed response, we will respond to the best of our ability with the limited information we have.” Should there have been an FAQ? Yes,” posted community manager Twinbeard. In another post, Twinbeard also admitted that this whole situation “could have been handled better.”

On Twitter, a few hours after the start of the civil war and the start of the player revolt, Arrowhead Games CEO Johan Pilestedt:responded to the influx of negative reviews on Steam: “Ouch, straight to the review score.” He then offered a frank, honest and refreshingly transparent message to fans on both sides of the war.

“Well, I guess it’s justified,” Pilestedt tweeted. “Sorry everyone for how this all went down. I hope we catch up and regain trust by providing a continued great gaming experience. I just want to make great games! »


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