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Health pass: new major event, Saturday, in Vannes?  – Brittany

It was not just the authorities who were surprised by the mobilization in the streets of Vannes, Saturday July 17. The organizer of the rally, Bertrand Deléon, was himself overwhelmed by the troops who split in two during the demonstration, making crowd control more complicated for the police. “I will be there but I will not be in charge of the demonstration. We will all be responsible ”, says on his Facebook page the one who, for months, has expressed his aversion to the measures taken to fight against the pandemic.

A request for authorization filed

However, a request for authorization to demonstrate has been filed with the Morbihan prefecture. It comes from three people who must be received by the services of the State “to clarify things,” explains Arnaud Guinier, the chief of staff of the prefect of Morbihan.

It is because the demonstration of July 17 took everyone by surprise by its magnitude. The police services including, as Alain Beauce, the departmental director of public security, admits: “We counted 2,300 demonstrators. Very clever who could have predicted such an influx before the demonstration last Saturday. Everyone was surprised, the forecasts were thwarted, here as elsewhere ”.

“Unpreparedness and unconsciousness”

The summer period could have its role to play in the importance of mobilization. “Does the number depend on the tourists present on the coast? I do not have the proof but there are probably holidaymakers who took advantage of the demonstration to express their dissatisfaction, ”thinks the departmental director of public security, according to whom the organizer of the first demonstration did not have the necessary information. shoulders to do it: “He was completely overwhelmed and did not take the measure of his responsibility. It’s easy to beat the recall on social networks, but declaring a demonstration in the prefecture is binding. There, we have a man all alone who waves his arms, without a speaker, without security or staff. In more than twenty years of policing, I have never seen such lack of preparation and such recklessness. The demonstration was to be held from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., focusing on the port and the prefecture, instead, there was a parade in the old town, stopping in front of the town hall. It is fortunate that there was no degradation, otherwise it was police custody! “

Adjusted police numbers

The police force should be better adjusted for the new demonstration assures the boss of the Morbihan police force: “I will not tell you how much it will be on Saturday but we will do what is necessary”.

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