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He kills a father on the road: a Vannes resident sentenced to four years in prison – Vannes

Low shoulders, sneakers screwed to the ground, Dylan Duport remains static when evoking the facts. This Wednesday, April 7, this 25-year-old Vannetais is tried in court for manslaughter with aggravating circumstances. A drama that dates back to August 14, 2018.

2.32 g of alcohol in the blood

Dylan was then 23 years old and worked in a sailing school. Around 9 p.m., he found friends in a bar in Sarzeau. The party is going well and alcohol consumption is increasing. As he works the next day, Dylan decides to leave around 1 a.m. His relatives try to dissuade him, but he takes the wheel. At the same time, Jérôme, his brother Lionel and Léa, the latter’s daughter, leave the same bar. They take the direction of the Saint-Jacques campsite, where they have been spending their holidays since 2002. They are mowed down at the entrance. Lionel dies instantly, his brother is conscious but suffers from various injuries, including a head trauma. 14-year-old Léa is raising the alarm.

Dylan is driving his vehicle. A witness describes him as having “a smile on his face” and disagreeable with the gendarmes. An attitude that the defendant has difficulty in explaining. His relatives describe him as “peace and love” and “reserved”. He has no memory of the accident. “It was when I saw the body bag on the road that I understood,” he explains, in tears. He had 2.32 g of alcohol in his blood and was traveling over 70 km / h in a section limited to 20 km / h.

“Traumatic Images for Life”

“Every day I think about them. I cannot go back and I carry this suffering, ”breathes Dylan, depressed since the facts. Jérôme, like the rest of the family, is a civil party. Tells him to live in an “emotional whirlwind” since the accident, when his niece wakes up every morning, hoping that it is all “a nightmare”. “You left me with traumatic images for life,” she breathes.

The court sentences Dylan Duport to four years in prison, three of which are suspended and compulsory care. The prosecutor had requested two. His license was also suspended. Civil compensation will be partially reviewed on September 10, 2021.

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