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He hid in a dumpster after stabbing his brother-in-law to death, cops say.  He is behind bars

When she heard her husband scream “Mamita, Mamita” in the middle of the night, she lost her sleep and ran downstairs to find droplets of blood leading from the kitchen to the living room, police said.

She then saw her brother – who had previously made death threats – exit through the sliding glass door of her and her husband’s house in Hialeah, according to a police report.

Officers quickly arrived to find the unidentified woman’s husband stabbed to death, lying in blood on the kitchen floor. It was later determined that the victim had been stabbed 10 times, police said. The name of the victim was not disclosed.

Within hours, police arrested 56-year-old Jesus Hernandez and charged him with first degree murder and assault robbery. He was being held Tuesday at the unrelated Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami-Dade.

The stabbing occurred around 1:30 a.m. in the house on 2300 block of West 53rd Square.

Hernandez had received a trespass warning several times, police said. On May 1, Hernandez “illegally responded to the spot and threatened to kill …”, police said.

Police say Hernandez entered the house early on Tuesday through the unlocked sliding door, although he was not allowed to enter the townhouse complex or his residence due to numerous altercations and threats made by the accused to the victim and the witness / victim. “

Police then found Hernandez in a dumpster in the West 20th Avenue and 50th Street area of ​​Hialeah.

After reading his rights, Hernandez confessed to taking a kitchen knife and stabbing his brother-in-law on multiple occasions, according to the report.

Hernandez has a history of arrests dating back to 1989 on charges such as prostitution, assaulting a public safety official, criminal harassment and lewd and lustful assault on a child, court records show. It is not known whether he was convicted in many of these cases.

Prior to Tuesday’s arrest, Hernandez’s most recent confrontation with the law was an arrest on September 14 on alcohol-related charges. The charge was not prosecuted. Hernandez also has a case open from August, when he was arrested on major theft and burglary charges.

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