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Hayden Panettiere reunites with ex Brian after being released from prison

Hayden panettiereis ex Brian hickerson says the former couple stays in each other’s lives after their recent release from prison.

After a witness told E! News that Hayden and Brian spent time with friends at a restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif. On Saturday, July 17, Brian shares exclusive details with E! News to clarify the nature of their release. According to the eyewitness, the members of their party appeared to be enjoying beers, and then they were all seen dancing in a line.

“To clarify, I was enjoying a Miller ‘Latte’ [slang for Miller Lite], and Hayden didn’t drink, ”says Brian. “We went to a new restaurant based in Texas, and being a southerner, I’m a huge fan of country music. So yeah, there was line dancing involved. Hayden and I are not together again but are working on a friendship. “

He continues, “We have a long history together, and the first step in my recovery from an abuser is to make amends. That’s exactly what Hayden was kind enough to allow me to do.”

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