Harrison Butker ‘homemaker’ speech sparks backlash

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An NFL star sparked controversy by telling graduates that one of their most important roles in life would be “housewife.”

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker also criticized abortion and LGBT pride marches in a speech at Benedictine College in Kansas.

His team did not respond to the three-time Super Bowl champion’s comments. The NFL said it was a “personal” matter.

Nearly 160,000 people signed a petition demanding the dismissal of this 28-year-old young man.

In his 20-minute speech last Saturday, he told women graduating from a private Catholic college that they had been told “the most evil lies.”

“Some of you could have successful careers in the world,” he said.

“But I would venture to guess that the majority of you are very excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into the world.”

Butker added that his wife’s life “truly began” when “she began to live out her calling as a wife and mother.”

He added that Isabelle Butker had embraced “one of the most important titles of all: that of housewife”. While talking about his marriage, he seemed to get emotional.

Her speech also attacked IVF, surrogacy, “degenerate cultural values,” “dangerous gender ideologies,” and “the tyranny of diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

“Our nation is led by a man who publicly and proudly proclaims his Catholic faith, but … who has been so vocal in his support for the killing of innocent babies,” he said, referring to President Joe Biden.

The football league distanced itself from the remarks, saying they were made “in a personal capacity…his views are not those of the NFL.”

The LGBT advocacy group GLAAD called Butker’s speech “woefully out of step with Americans.”

Many social media users also criticized the NFL star.

Stefanie Hills, a former NFL cheerleader for the Chiefs, said on TikTok: “Best part of your speech when you said ‘stay in your lane’ over ten times. Bro, take your own advice .”

But his comments were welcomed by many conservatives. And even staunchly liberal comedian Whoopi Goldberg defended Butker’s right to express his opinions.

“These are his beliefs and he’s welcome,” she told her co-panelists on ABC’s The View.

“I don’t need to believe them. Do I? I don’t need to accept them.”

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes told the Pat McAfee Show, a radio show, that he doesn’t talk to his teammate often.

“Honestly, I don’t talk to Harrison all year, man. I just let him do his thing,” Mahomes said.

Meanwhile, Missouri’s top prosecutor vowed Wednesday to investigate Butker’s alleged doxxing through a social media account run by the Kansas City government.

The post, which reveals the neighborhood in which the Butker family lives, was posted from a public account on X, formerly Twitter, controlled by the city.

Attorney General Andrew Bailey said the investigation will examine whether the post violated Missouri’s Human Rights Act and targeted Butker for “daring to express his religious beliefs.”

It was deleted after about two hours. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas apologized for the post, calling it “clearly inappropriate.”

Butker has played for the Chiefs since 2017. He broke the Chiefs franchise record in 2022 with a 62-yard field goal and helped the team win its first Super Bowl in 50 years in 2020.

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