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‘Happy Gilmore’ caddy lookalike and Masters finalist Will Zalatoris offers services to Adam Sandler

Green jacket, gold jacket – who gives a shit?

If you’ve seen professional golfer Will Zalatoris in the past, you might recognize him on the big screen (sort of); Zalatoris bears a striking resemblance to actor Jared Van Snellenberg, who played one of Happy Gilmore’s caddies in the eponymous 1996 comic golf film.

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Adam Sandler movie star Happy Gilmore himself took note and took to Twitter to congratulate his caddy lookalike on his latest charge.

Zalatoris took note of the star actor’s good wishes and offered his services to Sandler in the future, should he ever return to the links.

Zalatoris, 24, had the whole weekend to himself, finishing a stunt behind Hideki Matsuyama for the Green Jacket, cashing in over $ 1 million in the process.

Fortunately, no one targeted Zalatoris for attempting to steal golf clubs.

Shooter McGavin could not be reached for comment.

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