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Hamas massacre sparks anti-Israel protests on college campuses

The massacre of Jews in Israel by the Iranian-backed Palestinian terrorist group Hamas last weekend appears to have prompted students across the United States to stage pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli protests on their campuses academics. One Ohio State University student even called Hamas’s massacre of Jews a “resistance movement.”

At UCLA, students were heard chanting “Intifada,” an Arabic word meaning “to shake off” and, in the Palestinian context, means a civil uprising.

Watch below:

“These are basic human rights that the Zionists have violated and shouldn’t even control in the first place! » shouted a protest leader – wearing a keffiyeh that covered his entire face – at Brooklyn College.

The man then accused Israel of “committing unspeakable war crimes with impunity” just after the Jewish country suffered a massive Hamas terrorist attack, which resulted in the massacre of more than 1,000 Israelis, as well as rape, burned bodies, decapitated babies, and hostages.

“As we speak, they are committing unspeakable war crimes against the Palestinian people! the man shouted.

He then called on everyone present to stand with “our Palestinian resistance,” adding: “It doesn’t matter who gets in our way – if Allah, the Almighty, is with us, it doesn’t matter who is.” against us ! which sparked cheers and chants of “Allahu akbar!” »

Additional video footage in the same video clip shows crowds of apparent students chanting, “Israel must go, hey hey, ho ho!” » and: “We will liberate Palestine, in our lifetime!” » as well as: “Israel, go to hell!”

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Similar footage from the University of Washington shows a large crowd of students chanting, “Palestine is our demand!” No peace on stolen lands! and: “There is only one solution!” Intifada Revolution!

Students were also heard chanting: “Resistance is justified!” Our people are busy!

Watch below:

In another video from the University of Washington, a tearful Jewish student can be heard pleading with a man who appears to be a school administrator, begging him not to let pro-terror protests continue on campus .

“They want our people dead, they want us killed,” the student shouted. “How is this allowed?” How do you allow this?

“They want us dead. Please, please stop it,” the student begged as the anti-Israel protest raged.

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A purported flyer for the anti-Israel protest at the University of Washington even featured an image of a Hamas paraglider.

Meanwhile, at Columbia University – where an Israeli student was attacked by an armed woman on Wednesday – students could be heard chanting: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” »

Watch below:

And in Columbus, Ohio, students at Ohio State University, led by the school’s Students for Justice in Palestine student organization, chanted, “Palestine will never die !

Meanwhile, Students for Justice in Palestine co-president Heba Latif called Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel a “resistance movement against the occupation.”

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Arizona State University students were also seen marching and heard chanting “Free Free Palestine!” » following the massacre of Jews in Israel.

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The anti-Israel protests show no signs of stopping as the student organization Students for Justice in Palestine plans to hold similar protests on Friday at Princeton University where “participants are required to wear masks during all events.

A community vigil will also be held for those who died in Palestinian territory, Gaza and the West Bank – but there does not appear to be a vigil planned for Israelis who were massacred en masse by Palestinian terrorists.

Additionally, Hamas called on Muslims around the world to hold a “Jihad Day,” or holy war, on Friday.

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