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Hamas is preventing people from traveling to southern Gaza, Israel says. See the pictures

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Israel says Hamas stopped people from traveling to southern Gaza

New Delhi:

The Israeli military has released photos purporting to show the Hamas group preventing people from traveling to southern Gaza. The Hamas group has been accused of using human shields. Hamas deliberately keeps hostages in places where it knows Israel would carry out bombings, the country’s former national security adviser told NDTV yesterday. Eyal Hulata’s comment followed a Hamas statement that nine additional Israeli hostages had been killed in Gaza during Israeli airstrikes.

Israel has issued an ultimatum to residents of the Gaza Strip to resettle in southern parts of the seaside territory before its forces launch a large-scale ground offensive.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have so far carried out localized raids on Gaza. The widespread ground assault is expected within the next 24 hours.

“This is real,” the Israeli military said in a post on X that included two photos purporting to show Hamas vehicles blocking roads to prevent residents from traveling to Gaza.

“Hamas is forcibly preventing its civilians from moving to southern Gaza for their own safety,” the Israeli military said in its message.

Israel today accelerated preparations for the ground offensive in Gaza, after giving Palestinians more time to flee the northern areas it pledged to target in response to the deadliest attack of its history.

The Hamas group shot, stabbed and burned alive more than 1,300 people in Israel’s 9/11 attack on the United States, sparking a massive retaliatory bombing campaign targeting the group that killed more than of 2,200 people in Gaza.

The Israeli military said residents of Gaza City should not delay their departure, but a spokesman said Saturday evening that they still had time to leave and that the ground offensive would not begin today. today.

Since Friday, thousands of Gazans, who cannot leave the enclave due to the blockade imposed by both Israel and Egypt, have packed all their belongings into bags and suitcases to trudge through the streets strewn with rubble.

A stream of cars, trucks, three-wheelers and donkey carts joined the frenzied mass movement south, all laden with families and their belongings, mattresses, bedding and bags tied to the roofs of the houses. crowded vehicles.

The Israeli military said Saturday that the bodies of some of the dozens of hostages kidnapped by Hamas during its attacks had been found during operations inside Gaza.

Hamas earlier reported that 22 hostages were killed during Israeli bombings.

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