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‘Halston’ trailer has Ewan McGregor as’ 70s fashion icon battling fame and addiction

Ewan McGregor epitomizes Studio 54-era New York glamor and courage in Netflix’s “Halston”, as evidenced by a new trailer.

The limited series, produced by Ryan Murphy, describes the life of Roy Halston Frowick (McGregor), who dominated the fashion world as designer Halston in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Based on the book From 1991’s “Simply Halston: The Untold Story”, the show follows the global impresario “as it exploits its unique and coined name in a global fashion empire that is synonymous with luxury, sex, status and fame. “, According to press notes.

In his heyday, Halston boasted of an A-list star clientele that included Anjelica Huston and Liza Minnelli, the latter of which actor Krysta Rodriguez portrayed on the series. However, Halston’s well-documented battle with drug addiction took a toll on his career and he eventually lost control of his fashion house. He died of AIDS-related lung cancer at age 57 in 1990.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, McGregor said he was unfamiliar with the scope of Halston’s legacy when he first read the show’s script.

Watch the “Halston” trailer below.

“I could tell instantly from the photos that I wanted to play it”, the “Trainspotting” and “Moulin Rouge!” said the actor. “I could just feel it. There’s something about the way you can see he’s standing, something behind his eyes. There is something so intriguing about him as a character.

“Finding out that he was so famous in his day and that I had never heard of him – that didn’t make much sense to me,” he added.

“Halston” does not shy away from the privacy of his subject. The series also stars Gian Franco Rodriguez as Venezuelan-born artist Victor Hugo, who had a romantic relationship with the creator for around 12 years.

As a straight man, McGregor said he initially feared that accepting the role of Halston, who made no secret of his queer sexuality during his lifetime, would lead to backlash.

“If this was more of a story about Halston’s sexuality, then maybe it’s fair for gay actors to play this role,” the actor told THR in a separate interview. “But in this case – and I don’t want to sound like I’m getting out of it, because it’s something I’ve thought about a lot – I guess in the end, I felt like it was just a part of who he was.

“There are people I have met who don’t have great things to say about him,” he continued. “And there are people who love him and are incredibly loyal to this day. I was delighted to play that.

“Halston” debuts on Netflix on May 14.

Patrick McMullan / Netflix

Ewan McGregor as Roy Halston Frowick and Krysta Rodriguez as Liza Minnelli in “Halston”.


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