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“To date, 130 complete viral sequences have been obtained. And none of the analyzes carried out by theHandles has not shown any properties giving rise to fear of a risk of transmission to humans of the avian influenza virus present in poultry in France ”, stated the Ministries of Agriculture and Health. And this, before adding that the French services nevertheless seek to compare the russian virus to those present in France: “The ANSES teams are studying the information with the greatest attention, in particular the sequencing of the virus detected in infected persons and their comparison with the viruses circulating in poultry in France”. Results that will be “communicated as soon as possible”.

Public Health France and the National Reference Center for Respiratory Viruses (including influenza), an observatory which centralizes information at the national level, “were also called upon to jointly conduct this risk analysis,” it was indicated.

Preventive slaughter of three million poultry

The avian influenza epizootic, which has been raging in France, and in particular in the South-West, since December 2020 with 466 outbreaks detected to date, “has experienced a marked slowdown” in recent weeks, thanks to the preventive slaughter of more than three million poultry, have, moreover, explained the ministries.

“This strategy will continue to be applied to any new suspicion in the South West to curb any risk of spreading the virus as quickly as possible,” they warned.

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