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Gunshots in Quimperlé during a violent altercation in the station district – Quimperlé

This Friday, April 30, at the end of the afternoon, around 5 p.m., detonations disturbed the tranquility of the Gare district, in Quimperlé (29), and caused a stir among some residents. During a heated altercation, at the corner of Boulevard de la Gare and Rue de l’Hôpital-Frémeur, one of the protagonists allegedly used an alarm pistol on several occasions.

According to neighbors, the brawl, involving several individuals, would have started in an apartment located in a building near the station. It would have continued in the rue de l’Hôpital-Frémeur where several cartridges were found.

Alerted by residents, the gendarmes quickly intervened on the scene. But when they arrived, all the protagonists were gone. They were still wanted in the early evening. The gendarmerie dispatched the search brigade to the site to determine the circumstances of the attack.

According to a witness, it could be a settling of scores after a first dispute arose last week.

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