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Gunman fired 17 times in deadly Fort Worth park shooting, warrant says

Antoine Anderson was at Lincoln Park in Fort Worth on the afternoon of April 3 with his children when he saw an Impala with men inside driving and throwing their hands out the window, he said to the police.

Anderson picked up his children in the park when the fighting started in the parking lot and then heard gunshots, according to a warrant.

Anderson saw a man point a gun out of the Impala, and Anderson fired his gun, he told Fort Worth detectives.

Anderson shot the Impala 17 times, according to the arrest warrant affidavit obtained Tuesday by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

At least two other men in the parking lot also opened fire on the Impala.

Steve Espinosa, 27, who was driving the Impala was killed in the shooting. His passenger, who fired back, was injured in the shooting.

Police arrested Anderson, 36, on Friday, making him the third suspect arrested in the fatal shooting.

Anderson faces a murder charge.

Authorities arrested Jonathan Banks, 19, of Fort Worth on May 14, and Ray C. Williams, 44, of Fort Worth, on May 19, in connection with the April 3 shooting.

Williams has been charged with murder and Banks has been charged with organized crime, Tarrant County Criminal Court records show.

The arrest warrant for Anderson written by Fort Worth Detective PA Vega gave this account of the shooting based on interviews with Anderson, the injured passenger and home surveillance video:

The Impala passenger said he and his friend Steve Espinosa decided to go to Lincoln Park and parked in the parking lot.

Several men surrounded their car and started arguing with them, the passenger said. The warrant did not say what triggered the argument.

The argument escalated into a shootout. Initially, the passenger said he had never fired a gun, but later told detectives that he leaned out of the passenger’s window and fired shots as he attempted to to defend oneself.

Home surveillance video showed Espinosa managed to drive the Impala out of the parking lot, as three other men chased after the car with guns.

Fort Worth police responding to the shooting found the Impala in the 3000 block of Lincoln Avenue and located the fatally shot Espinosa in the driver’s seat.

Several cartridge cases were found in the parking lot and on Lincoln Avenue.

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