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Guide Michelin 2021: a young Breton woman wins the award for best dining room service – The 2021 Michelin guide

In 2017, Maison Tiegezh, in Guer (56), won a Michelin macaroon, and its leader, Baptiste Denieul, the honorary title of youngest starred chef in France, at 26 years old. Four years later, the restaurant is back with a new prestigious award, the hospitality and service award, this time awarded to Marion Denieul by the Guide Rouge. “I didn’t expect it at all, it’s a great honor. To have such recognition as an autodidact is what is most beautiful ”, reacts the young woman of 28 years. Not a little proud of his companion, Baptiste Denieul relishes “a reward for all the efforts we have made for eight years”.

“Refinement, dynamism and simplicity”

La Bretonne shares her award with Delphine Alemany, from the starred restaurant La Closerie, in the Vaucluse. “In different styles and approaches, customers will appreciate the kindness and attentiveness of Delphine Alemany or the refinement, dynamism and simplicity of Marion Denieul, self-taught, who arrived in the dining room out of love after studying law to carry the cuisine of her husband Baptiste ”, underlines the Michelin Guide, in a press release.

This “simplicity”, the young woman claims: “My priority is to put customers at ease so that they feel at home. Often, people have in mind that a starred restaurant is stilted and that it is a little stressful place where one cannot speak. We have always tried to convey the exact opposite ”.

His definition of good service? “Customers should feel like there is no one around while you are around. You just have to be there at the right time, when you need to, ”explains Marion Denieul, who relies on a small team of two to three people in the room. Her husband observes that she “knew how to impose her style in the service. She has a vision of her own ”. He also rents his “desire to do well.” As she does not have a hotel background, she has this pressure to be level, which gives a more precise and attentive service to the customer ”. No hotel course, but a diploma passed as a free candidate two years ago and obtained with an impressive 19/20…

For the couple, being able to work together is “crazy luck”. “Our restaurant is our life, even though we have a child and a family life. I don’t need to know what’s going on in the gym, we have total mutual trust. And we are not afraid to say things to each other, ”says Baptiste Denieul. “There is no competition between the kitchen and the dining room. Marion is able to tell us to go serve a client who wants to meet a cook, ”he adds.

We are like lions in a cage, we love to work and have a life at 100 km / h. We are in a hurry to be able to reopen

A profession changed by covid-19

The way of working as a waiter has changed a lot in the midst of the covid-19 crisis. “When we reopened, we felt a difference with wearing a mask, barrier gestures and less contact with people. We had to redouble our efforts to create a different link, ”notes Marion Denieul. “We had a very good season, but the year remains complicated. We are like lions in a cage, we love to work and have a life at 100 km / h. We are in a hurry to be able to reopen ”. Another good news for the restaurant in this tormented period, the attribution of a “green star” by the Michelin Guide on Monday. It distinguishes establishments that promote “sustainable gastronomy”. “It’s been a year and a half since we set up a vegetable garden, an even stronger link with our producers and a completely locavore approach”, recalls Baptiste Denieul who concludes, all smiles: “We are not 30 years old and we already have a beautiful establishment! “.

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