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Guadeloupe caregivers ask authorities for action on compulsory vaccination – RT in French

Caregivers have called for a strike in Guadeloupe where only 25 to 30% of staff at the CHU de Guadeloupe are vaccinated against Covid-19. They risk suspension without pay from September 15.

“During the first wave, we were on the front lines […] Now we are becoming the pet peeves because we refuse to be vaccinated, ”Christelle Heintz, a nurse practicing in Guadeloupe, told RT France.

“If 70% – since we are 30% to be vaccinated – nurses and caregivers stop working, the hospital is no longer running, it’s over. It will be necessary for one side or the other that it stops ”, she also estimated, asking the authorities“ a surge of benevolence ”.

A demonstration took place on September 11 in Pointe-à-Pitre against the vaccination obligation of caregivers. Five hundred people were present according to the police, 1,000 according to the UTS UGTG union. Only 25 to 30% of the staff of the CHU de Guadeloupe is vaccinated against Covid-19.

On the executive side, inflexibility is displayed: “I no longer want there to be clusters, for there to be chains of contamination within establishments where people come because they are fragile to seek treatment. […] It means the inability to continue working, suspension of pay [pour les soignants non vaccinés]Said on September 9 on France 2 the Minister of Health Olivier Véran approaching September 15, deadline set for the compliance of caregivers.

In a press release dated September 11, Olivier Serva, LREM deputy for Guadeloupe, called on the Minister of Health Olivier Véran by asking him for “clarifications concerning the vaccination obligation of caregivers in the overseas territories”. On “August 26, 2021, you indicated […] that the vaccination obligation for caregivers, would be postponed to the end of the fourth wave, ”he recalled, calling for“ clear answers ”.

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