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GTA 6 release date internally delayed as studio reportedly prepares for possible December marketing campaign

We informed you yesterday that Rockstar would release a trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto in December. The announcement, made by Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser, follows a Bloomberg report that Rockstar would make an announcement about GTA 6 as early as this week with a trailer releasing next month to commemorate the studio’s 25th anniversary . Courtesy of Rockstar Universe And RockstartINTELwe have more details regarding the GTA 6 release date and Rockstar’s marketing plans for the game.

Starting with the release date, Rockstar Universe reports that the studio planned to announce the game by the end of 2023 with a release date set for 2025. RockstarINTEL adds to this report by clarifying that the studio could initially announce GTA 6 as title 2024 but has an internal release date planned for 2025. In other words, the game could be “delayed” until 2025.

Interestingly, Rockstar would begin marketing the game in December, as Sam Houser reportedly met with an advertising agency in New York and tasked the agency with finishing all commercials before the end of the year. The Rockstar founder reportedly requested “a large amount of wall space, construction announcements, display space, and more,” indicating a substantial marketing push to be expected.

Finally, the report also claims that GTA Online will not receive any major expansions or content drops this winter, which could potentially be a result of GTA 6’s retail launch in December.

Overall, coupled with the annual Game Awards ceremony which often has a few surprises in store, December is bound to be a busy month for players if the latest rumors about GTA 6 prove true.

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