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Greg Gutfeld: Media trying to revive Jan. 6 to salvage implosion of Biden presidency

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In preparation for the made-for-prime-time show trial about the Jan. 6 riots, House Dems have hired former ABC News executive James Goldston to polish their made-up shit.

Their goal: to take old, battered exaggerations and reuse them as new and improved outrage. What Beatlemania was to the Fab Four, this audience is to Trump Derangement Syndrome. Keep going for as long as possible to deflect Biden’s miseries.

But it’s crazy.

A political party gets prime-time real estate on a major network, ABC, which once employed the producer — and which is also owned by Disney. Can you find a more obvious case of collusion between the party and the press?

The special features interviews and pre-produced videos and it airs in full at 8 p.m.

But it’s worth it, because some media think January 6th is more important than all your hardships combined.

MSNB: There are so many things that people juggle — between gas prices and inflation, formula, abortion, and shootings that happen. These legislators are now going to try to have a narrative to get the country’s attention, to say, “Look at this thing, don’t turn away, and understand that if all these other things are really, really important, the foundation of our country, what makes our country work is a democracy that we must protect.”

They have to force-feed him. If you can’t call it state-directed propaganda, then what is state-directed propaganda? Honestly, can you imagine the Republican Party getting prime time coverage for a hearing on Hunter Biden and the media claiming his laptop was Russian disinformation?

Of course not.

The big tech lords wouldn’t even let you discuss it without suspending your account. They probably need to stream it on Animal Planet.

What about the Biden family’s relationship with China and Ukraine? It could be a prime time hearing or audience on the Russian collusion hoax. It was a slow coup.

Hunter Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland
(Drew Angerer/Getty Images, Greg Nash/Pool/AFP/Getty Images)

You want more? What about real terrorism and destruction?

Take leftist attorneys Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman. They were charged with throwing a Molotov cocktail into a police cruiser in New York and faced domestic terrorism charges, 30 years in prison.

But as they revolted in the name of BLM and targeted the cops, their acts of terrorism became acts of heroism. It’s like those violent protests when Trump was elected.

Do you remember this sequence? The media no. They buried that too.

But this week, the White House agreed to what Jonathan Turley calls a jaw-dropping reduction in those terrorism charges that will likely only result in a few years in prison.

Remember, Mattis had been accused of having a bunch of firebombs in his car and was filmed trying to distribute them to other rioters. Rahman was filmed throwing bombs that bragged about it as if she had just thrown a hit against the Yankees.

They pleaded guilty last year to one count of possession and manufacture of an explosive device, but can now withdraw the earlier plea and plead instead to conspiring to assemble bombs and damage the car of patrol.

It’s like they’re throwing water balloons instead. Keep in mind that the backdrop to all of this is that Trump supporters are rotting in jail for a year and a half for an unguided and often messy tour of the Capitol building.

Greg Gutfeld: Media trying to revive Jan. 6 to salvage implosion of Biden presidency

Rioters storm the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

If this continues, these BLM suicide bombers will be doomed to a romantic vacation in Honolulu. They can make Molotov cocktails out of pineapples and paper umbrellas.

I bring this up, of course, to show you the stark difference in treatment compared to the January 6 protesters. They were called a threat to the police and some indeed were.

But yet here, two buckets of scum could have burned officers alive, and now their sentences are closer to tax evasion than terrorism. I doubt ABC spends a single minute on this because it’s not just show trials, but trials without a show.

The guy who produces that Jan. 6 special, Goldston, chaired ABC News until 2021, and he’s been embroiled in several scandals, including a Jeffrey Epstein cover-up story.

Remember that video of ABC News anchor Amy Robach claiming the network killed her story about the sexual misconduct of Epstein and Prince Andrew on the Lolita Express? Sorry, this story didn’t kill – she just hung herself in her cell.


See the guy who runs this January 6 comedy hour shows you how legacy media works. It’s about turning on and off the news tap. Jeffrey Epstein turned off the tap.

On January 6, turn it on and leave the room until the house is completely flooded. As with everything else, the other riots, the crime wave, the border crisis – you’ll find Jimmy Hoffa before you find anything.

Instead, as they watch Biden’s presidency implode, there is only one thing they can do to save it: revive Jan. 6.

They have their work cut out for them, but again, Disney is great at producing fiction.


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