Greg Gutfeld: Democrats have their values ​​upside down

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So great news. A Republican flipped a House seat in the deep blue of South Texas. It’s scary for Dems who thought the only seat flip would be in a gender-neutral bathroom.

Is this an indicator of a red wave to come? Maybe. And it has nothing to do with a shortage of tampons. It’s absolutely awful. I can’t stand that kind of humor. But let’s ask the folks at “The View,” what no one has ever said in the history of the universe, is there a red wave coming?

THE VIEW HOST: The red wave is coming. The Republicans are going to win the midterm elections barring some unforeseen event that I can’t predict right now.

You know what I love about “The View?” He reminds people every day not to eat lead paint chips. But remember, Joy Behar thought that by going on a sex strike, men would change their minds. And they did it to vote Republican.


Look at Republican Mayra Flores. She won that seat in South Texas, the first victory there in 150 years. It’s a long time. It’s like two Julie Banderas, or half a Joe Biden. She returned an 84% Hispanic district red. And I bet it’s because Washington’s liberal policies are tearing our community apart.

MAYRA FLORES CAMPAIGN AD: Washington’s liberal policies are tearing our community apart. As the wife of a Border Patrol agent, I pray more than ever for her safety. We must secure our borders and keep our families safe.

Well, she’s not only smart, but attractive. Who does she remind me of in this regard? The Flores seat was previously held by a Democrat who quit to become a lobbyist after realizing he would lose in a red wave. So he took the easy way out, like when I hide behind Tyrus to avoid Kilmeade in the hallway.

And she is now the first congresswoman to be born in Mexico. So I’m sure AOC must find this historic premiere quite empowering.

And then you hear that Elon Musk voted for Flores, prompting Democratic Congressman Jamaal Bowman to accuse Musk of supporting white supremacy. Yeah, that’s the logic. Vote for a woman of color born in Mexico. And that makes you a racist. Jamal has any idiot – you know, he could be on “The View”.

Flores got Governor Greg Abbott’s endorsement. And guess who trails him in the race for governor by 20 points? Yes. Go to your screen. Go to your screen right now and scratch. Scratch. What does it smell like to you, viewers? Losing. We would have accepted the Ax body spray. This guy couldn’t win a toss if he called both sides.

Meanwhile, Biden’s approval rating among Hispanic and Latino voters sits in the mid-twenties. It is the worst of all ethnic groups. Geraldo’s mustache is more popular. And for good reason. Joe’s embrace of hard left politics has abandoned decent people of all pigments of all races. They said he was a unifier, and now people of all races think captain poop, pants poop sucks and that undermines everything the racist Democrats have been saying for years about changing demographics. They thought the Mexicans would be fooled for their tough guts on the left. How bigoted is that?

RACHEL MADDOW: Many other states are moving towards increasing diversification, towards demographic changes that mean a less red future for them.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I really think that because of the demographic changes in this country, I think the Democratic Party is going to win Texas in the future and the Democratic Party is going to be in power for the next 30, 40 years.

CNN GUEST: The Texans had this kind of long-term plan of trying to get some red states through the Sunbelt and turn them blue as the demographics change there.

MSNBC GUEST: And the demographic shift that’s happening in America right now is giving the Democrats the upper hand.

Wow, it’s almost like they are, dare I say it, white supremacists in their thinking. The assumption that every brown person will line up and vote for shit if they’ve been bribed with free stuff. The Democrats are like saying, you know, sure they’re pro-life and religious, but give them free dental care and we’ll be theirs. But they forgot that Hispanics are not as progressive as the white liberal assumes. That’s why you only hear clueless white people using the Latinx phrase.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: It is also very difficult to get Latinx vaccinated. Why? They fear being vaccinated and expelled.

Alright, grandpa. The thing is, you don’t have to do much. It really is a godsend.

The fact is that Mexicans are like everyone else. They don’t want to be victims of crime. That’s why many left Mexico. They want to afford gasoline, food and drink water that doesn’t double as a laxative.


But the left wants them to drop $100,000 on an electric car and then eat crickets. Also, unlike the left, they go to church. They believe in God. They are pro-life. They think family is a good thing. They are basically Eisenhower Republicans.

They understand the hierarchy of needs. Look at the little chart over there who in life, things like food and family and energy comes first. And that’s a far cry from pronouns, toppling statues and insurgent pornography. The least important thing in this chart – self-realization. We don’t even know what it is.

But the Republican Party understands that we are all united by common sense, a working knowledge of Home Depot, and the pleasures of a good tequila. But the Dems, thanks to their delusional embrace of awakening, have it upside down. Here is the hierarchy of needs of the left. Call everyone racists, blame it all on America, oppression, never bathe.

Here is Joe’s Hierarchy of Needs. Blaming others for failures, bailing out Hunter, watching “Murder, She Wrote”, finding ice cream, taking a nap. It’s actually not bad. No wonder the Dems are chasing an unnecessary ****. It’s because without structure, work, or family, you end up with dumb platitudes. You will own nothing. But then what? You will have 64 genres to choose from and the government will send you a crack pipe. This is the Hunter Plan.

Shit, the last time a Democrat did something, he turned Republican.

So, who is Myra Flores? I’m sure in November she’ll be the new face of white supremacy.


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