GREG GUTFELD: Biden gave war speech for Americans against Americans

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So that was a talk from last night, wasn’t it? I think we have a clip.


Surprising. It was so optimistic. At least he didn’t say MAGA, phew.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: MAGA Republicans… MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution… MAGA forces… Extreme MAGA Republicans… MAGA xtreme ideology… MAGA Republicans are… MAGA Republicans watch the America and see the carnage and darkness and despair.

Carnage, darkness and despair. But enough about liberal cities. It was easy. But imagine if you replaced the MAGA Republicans with China or Russia.

So what a historic foreign policy speech that would be. It would be a call to arms against an evil empire. Except here, who is the evil empire? It’s us. I wonder, as he stands here tonight, are equality and democracy under attack?


PRESIDENT BIDEN: As I stand here tonight, equality and democracy are under attack.

And by what? A funny president who shakes hands with his imaginary friends and believes that every child’s head is sacred and a playground for their nose. I wonder if too much of what is happening in our country today isn’t normal.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: Too much of what is happening in our country today is not normal. Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.

Yeah, things are not normal. Football is still popular, and we have a deranged president channeling an exorcism. If her head is spinning, call Dr. Jill, she’s a chiropractor. Yeah, I went to medical school… OK, so the biggest threat to our democracy is Trump supporters.

But like when Larry Kudlow showed me his pole dancing videos, that’s where it gets weird, because I wonder if all Republicans, not even the majority of Republicans, aren’t MAGA Republicans.

President Joe Biden delivers a speech on protecting American democracy.
(Photo by Nathan Posner/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

PRESIDENT BIDEN: Not all Republicans, not even the majority of Republicans, are MAGA Republicans… Not all Republicans embrace their extreme ideology… I know this because I have been able to work with these traditional Republicans.

Dude, do what’s left in your mind. First, you say MAGA is the biggest threat of all time. But then, you know, it’s really not even a majority when you think about it. So, you idiot, why did you decide to come into millions of our living rooms last night and give a speech to a backdrop built by Lucifer and his syndicate cronies?

It does not mean anything. Reminds me of when his idiot publicist said that earlier.


KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: When you ask me about the MAGA agenda… It’s one of the most extreme agendas we’ve seen… They threaten political violence and they attack our democracy.

But then she says this.

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: When we talk about extremism, we are talking about a very small part, a component of the American public.

So, wow. It’s good to know that she was hired solely for her skills. I didn’t check any boxes. So they want you to be a threat, but they have no proof. Perhaps that’s why the FBI has admitted to increasing the number of domestic violence extremists.

They couldn’t find the hate crimes, so they have to make them up. But hey, I bet he thinks America is at an inflection point.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: I believe America is at an inflection point. One of those moments that determine the shape of everything that will follow. And now America must choose to move forward or back… For a long time, we thought that American democracy was guaranteed, but that is not the case. We have to defend it.

US President Joe Biden delivers remarks on what he calls the "ongoing battle for the soul of the nation" in front of the Independence Palace.

US President Joe Biden delivers a speech on what he calls the “continuing battle for the soul of the nation” outside Independence Hall.
(REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY/File Photo)

Mmmmm. Did he just draw a line? Watch out, Hunter might snort it. But again, he draws a line inside America. He talks about rejecting violence and inflammatory language, but then splits the country in two with rhetoric.

He lectures Americans on violence after hiding in his basement like Chris Cuomo with COVID for months of rioting. He’s a lame duck, he should avoid Dick Cheney.


So what’s the point here? Well, that speech was a political call to arms, a weak distraction that tries to pit two groups against each other. He’s basically Michael Vick and we’re the pit bulls…

And at the same time, it claims to be unifying. But I saw more people brought together by leprosy. And that fact is that he not only wants to be a wartime president, he wants to be a civil wartime president… But the one thing he has in common with Lincoln is that they are both brain dead.

But Joe is right. There may be a part in this country that is a threat to democracy, and that uses anger and violence when it doesn’t get what it wants.

They block free speech and argue whenever they get the chance. They eliminate laws that are supposed to protect citizens.

They justify theft and vandalism and prioritize the rights of criminals over the rights of victims. They take the very agencies that are supposed to protect us and use them against us. These are all legitimate threats to democracy and it’s not MAGA, ultra-MAGA or MAGA-lite with only 65 calories.

President Joe Biden delivers a prime time speech at Independence National Historical Park on "the battle continues for the soul of the nation."

President Joe Biden delivers a primetime speech at Independence National Historical Park on “the ongoing battle for the soul of the nation.”
((Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images))

I remember reading about how troubled presidents could start wars, but no one ever explained to a below average Joe that he wasn’t supposed to in our country. But again, after seeing how he fared in Kabul, you’ll understand why he might want to have a home game instead of going on the road. What do you say, Joe?


And so Antifa went from idea to idea. He gave a war speech for Americans against Americans. I mean, this idiot had the White House, the Senate, Congress, and yet his strategy is to debate red-on-blue violence for political gain. But you can’t fall for that. They want you to take the bait, and you can’t be like them.


This speech was supposed to be scary. Like my mom said if I kept making faces they would freeze up like that. No. It’s Botox. But the talk is more funny than scary, and you can’t forget it. Remember that after every Trump speech or rally, the hair of the media was always on fire.

You could see their inflamed scalps from space. Meanwhile, people rioted and attacked Trump supporters. That’s what they want you to do here. They want you to set your own hair on fire and you can’t because your hair is too good and your life is too much fun.

So sit back and laugh at their desperate distractions. In November, you might be the last to laugh.


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