Great goal by Ricardo Lagos in Alianza Lima vs Unión Comercio in the League 1 Clausura Tournament

Ricardo Lagos made it 3-0 with great definition against the visitors in the Clausura Tournament. (Video: League 1 Max)

Lima Alliance received Trade Union at the Alejandro Villanueva stadium for date 13 of the Clausura Tournament of League 1. The table ‘blue and white‘ scored 3-1 at 69 minutes, when Ricardo Lagos received a good pass Hernan Barcos and he hit a left foot that bent the hands of ‘Banana‘ Ruiz.

The play began with a lateral throw-in Gino Peruzzi on the right, the ball reached him Jairo Concha, who withstood the mark of his defender and with his back turned he touched Josepmir Ballon, which was projected at full speed. The 35-year-old midfielder controlled the ball and played quickly with the ‘Pirate‘, which he received in the crescent, turned and waited for the projection of ‘Richie‘, to give the pass to space.

The left back received completely free, and at first he took a shot that the visiting goalkeeper managed to handle, but the power of the shot was such that the ball still entered the net. In this way, the result was finally settled in favor of those led by Mauricio Larriera.

Ricardo Lagos scored his first goal in League 1 2023 (Alianza Lima).
Ricardo Lagos scored his first goal in League 1 2023 (Alianza Lima).

Let us remember that the game started off complicated for the La Victoria squad, as the jungle team took the lead with so much effort. Oscar Barreto at 18 minutes. They only found the tie in the last play of the first half due to a mistake by goalkeeper Ronald Ruiz in a free kick, leaving the ball dead in the six-yard box, which Ballón took advantage of to equalize the actions on the rebound.

In the second part, the ‘people’s team’ He showed a better face and the second arrived from Hernan Barcos with a powerful header after a corner, and finally the third from Lagos, which is mentioned. With the score in their favor, the last minutes were a matter of process and were dedicated to managing the game.

Alianza Lima defeated Unión Comercio 3-1 and reached the top of the Clausura Tournament.
Alianza Lima defeated Unión Comercio 3-1 and reached the top of the Clausura Tournament.

With this result, Lima Alliance added 26 points in the Clausura Tournament, and tied for first place with academic and Sporting Cristal, who gave up points after drawing without goals the previous day at the National Stadium. It should be noted that, the ‘brewers‘They still depend on themselves to win the competition, since they have one less game and surpass their classic rivals in goal difference.

The ‘blue and white‘They achieved what seemed impossible, getting into the fight for the title, since after their bad start, they were up to eight points behind the lead. However, they still have a complicated road ahead. The next date they have to rest and there’creams‘ and ‘celestial‘they can take advantage again. Later, they will visit Carlos A. Mannucci in Trujillo.

The complicated part for those led by Mauricio Larriera comes in the final stretch, since they have two games, in accessible roles against UTC and Sport Huancayo in Matute, but they will also have to visit Cusco FC in the ‘Imperial city‘ already Binational Sports in Juliaca, two high altitude towns where it is difficult to add three. In fact, in his two outings to Cusco, against Scientist and Deportivo Garcilasothey only got draws.

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