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Grand Slam of Darts to Feature Top Fans in 2021, Says PDC Chairman Barry Hearn |  Darts News

PDC President Barry Hearn joined the latest episode of The Darts Show podcast and discussed the issues surrounding the 2021 Darts Grand Slam and future opportunities for both amateur and female PDC players.

Last updated: 08/04/21 6:22 am

Jose De Sousa triumphed at the 2020 Grand Slam

Barry Hearn says the Darts Grand Slam will retain its format featuring players outside of the PDC in the future.

Traditionally, the major tournament has pitted the best of the PDC against the elite of the BDO. The latter organization went into liquidation last year and its 2020 World Championship was the last edition of the tournament.

BDO 2020 World Champions Wayne Warren and Mikuru Suzuki were invited to the Grand Slam last November.

However, doubts remain about the criteria for qualifying non-PDC players for 2021 and beyond.

“The Grand Slam has always been meant to be both codes – the amateur code and the professional codes together,” said PDC chairman Barry Hearn. Darts Show Podcast.

“And I think it worked. I think it created a unique tournament. It’s clear and sadly that the amateur game has all but folded.

“There are plans ahead to reinvent amateur gaming through the WDF and other organizations. And we would support that if they recognize that it is amateur gaming.

“We hope that we will see a Grand Slam with the best amateurs as we have done before, but selected on different criteria. And we will work with those who decide to devote the time to make the amateur match. We will work with them and I hope we will be helpful with them as well. “

Grand Slam of Darts to Feature Top Fans in 2021, Says PDC Chairman Barry Hearn |  Darts News

Scott Waites won the Grand Slam as a BDO player in 2010

And Hearn revealed that there are already plans in place for this year’s tournament.

“I’m sure this year’s version will feature top amateurs,” he said. “It’s a question of how they’re selected. We need to know who the best amateurs are. And to do that, we need to see results or some sort of selection criteria.”

“But the principle of choosing amateurs against the best in the world, I think it works.”

Grand Slam of Darts to Feature Top Fans in 2021, Says PDC Chairman Barry Hearn |  Darts News

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What’s the next step for female darts?

Meanwhile, Hearn was asked about the progression of women’s darts. In 2020, a “ Women’s Series ” was held as qualifiers for the PDC World Championship.

But are there any plans to introduce more women’s tournaments?

“What we do with the women’s game, number one, we’re not sexist,” Hearn said. “Lisa Ashton, it was a huge breakthrough for her to win a tour card. Hope this can inspire other women. There are things we can do, and there are things we have to rely on women themselves.

Grand Slam of Darts to Feature Top Fans in 2021, Says PDC Chairman Barry Hearn |  Darts News

Lisa Ashton made waves at the PDC, becoming the first woman to record a triple-digit TV average at the UK Open.

“It’s not an easy life, it’s a competitive sport. We are not in this sport to create mediocrity, we are here for excellence. So it is up to women to be better and to improve.

“We will definitely give them opportunities with qualifying for the World Championships. I think there will be another involvement, probably not until 2022 bearing in mind Covid and all the other disruptions that we have had.

“But women’s football is very present in our minds, provided they are at an entertaining and competitive level.

“It’s about improving people, not waiting for others to give them a gift. They have to show that they are for real, and they mean business. Then there will be opportunities.”

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