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Grand Canyon Seeks Volunteer Hunters For North Rim Buffalo Hunting

PHOENIX – The first controlled bison hunt in Grand Canyon National Park is slated to take place this fall, and the park is looking for candidates to help in its efforts to reduce the area’s bison population by 200.

The Arizona Gambling and Fishing Commission and the National Park Service announced the dates and application process on Tuesday, paving the way for “qualified volunteers” with excellent marksmanship. But the initiative is causing some experts to fear that hunting will soon become more common in national parks.

The 300 to 500 free-roaming bison on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon are the descendants of 86 buffaloes brought to the area 115 years ago by breeder Charles “Buffalo” Jones, according to the National Park Service. And non-native animals have long been a nuisance in the region.

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