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Government: after the regional, a casting without Castex?  – France

The rumor is circulating and has been mentioned in several media. Jean Castex could leave Matignon after the regional elections. His fault? The Prime Minister “does not print”, estimates part of the entourage of the President of the Republic. His name would be too linked to the health crisis, to unpopular measures. Another name is already circulating for his replacement: that of the President of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand. The member for Finistère would tick the right boxes: he is close to the President, who would allow “to unite around him”. He succeeds well in his mission in the National Assembly, where he seems to be unanimous. He comes from the PS and his appointment would be a signal to the left. Last argument in his favor: Justice seems to have closed the cumbersome file of Mutuelles de Bretagne.

Ferrand: the choice of the perch

Richard Ferrand, Prime Minister? The entourage of the concerned demented. “She is enthusiastic about her current mission. He wishes to go to the end of his mandate at the National Assembly. And if a favorable majority were to emerge again, Richard Ferrand would even see himself continuing his action at the perch of the Hemicycle, in the costume of the 4th personage of the French State.

Other names are circulating. That of Bruno Le Maire. Which appeals to small bosses. He is also the support man in the crisis, the one who provided precious financial assistance. And a leading man from the right, in the last row of the presidential election, would sow further division in his former camp. The person concerned would be leaving. “He dreams of it”, we glide in high places. Another hypothesis, considered “less realistic”: that of Jean-Yves Le Drian.

A new government … for six months?

But the most likely scenario is not that of a change of prime minister. Another part of the President’s entourage reminded him that such a change, ten months before the presidential election, “would be pointless”. “Six months at most, points out a specialist in electoral calendars. July and August must be removed. And Parliament traditionally suspends its work in February before the presidential election … “

“The regional elections will not be favorable to us, like the municipal ones. We are not established and we lack local leaders, supports a Breton LREM deputy. Perhaps we will manage to get 150 regional advisers. It’s not bad. En Marche is a baby who is only five years old! Others argue that, under these conditions, to draw a national lesson from a local election would be “a mistake”.

Government grooming for “tired” ministers?

Government “grooming” is not excluded, however. In the entourage of the President, we do not fail to appoint ministers tired, “demonetized” and / or “not loved by their ecosystem”. The names of Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of Education, Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and even Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, are also circulating .

“I believe that I am a good Prime Minister, since the rating of the President goes up, and mine goes down. “

“Jean Castex will remain until the end”, assures a figure of the presidential majority. In this regard, the current Prime Minister is not fooled. With his rolling Southwestern accent, he says it himself: “I think I’m a good prime minister, since the president’s rating goes up, and mine goes down.” But, in the end, it is Emmanuel Macron, alone, who decides. “And, in the past, it has not failed to surprise”, we recall in those around him.

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