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Gossip Girl Reboot’s first trailer is hotter than expected

New Gossip Girl the series just released its first trailer, and it’s clear that this version is going to deliver as much drama as the original.

On Wednesday, June 9, HBO Max released the first footage for its upcoming reboot of The CW’s beloved teen drama which died out in December 2012 after six seasons. Viewers won’t have to wait long to see more, as the premiere launches on Thursday, July 8.

Indeed, there seems to be a lot for fans of the original to love, given that the trailer hints at a new love triangle seemingly destined to rival the Chuck-Blair-Dan and Nate-Serena-Dan complications. of yesteryear. Well Named, Franck Ocean“Super Rich Kids” plays at the end to add to the mood.

“She’s a stranger who ended up in your group of friends,” one character warns, “with your boyfriend.”

Lots of sexual tension seems to be on the menu, as the trailer shows an apparent threesome, an unexpected kiss, and a pair of characters waking up together in bed.

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