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Jake Tapper: Chris Cuomo puts CNN ‘in a bad place’

CNN main anchor Jake Tapper has become the latest big talent in the network to criticize fellow host Chris Cuomo for the way he handled recent scandals surrounding his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. “I can’t imagine a world in which anyone in journalism thinks it was appropriate,” Tapper said in an interview with New York Times reporter Kara Swisher. “So I’m okay with that. And he said, Chris, in his apologies for delivering on the air, said he put us in a bad position. And I would also agree with that. »Gov. Cuomo has been accused by several former staff of sexual harassment, prompting New York State AG Letitia James to conduct an independent investigation into the charges of five women. A federal investigation is also underway into accusations that the governor’s office covered up COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes to obscure the real number of deaths from the pandemic in New York City. as the scandals unfolded, Chris Cuomo said on his CNN show that he would not cover them. on her show because of her family connections. But earlier this month, the Washington Post reported that Cuomo had witnessed his brother’s strategy calls on how to cope with press headlines, with the CNN host apparently urging the governor not to resign and to reject efforts to force him to resign as “cancel culture.” Cuomo apologized on air after the Post’s report was released, but the call for strategy led to public criticism from other big names at CNN. Last week, Brian Stelter asked panelists on ‘Trusted Sources’ whether Cuomo should take time off and whether CNN’s decision to allow Cuomo to interview his brother at the height of his pandemic popularity would make it hypocritical for the network to discipline him. now. “I found these interviews interesting and interesting; they were informal, sometimes humorous, ”Washington Post columnist Perry Bacon Jr. told Stelter. “Having said that, at the time, I had the same thoughts, ‘Is this the right way to go?’ And now we have seen how the governor handled COVID and how there were real issues in terms of it. disclosure and honesty. “I don’t think his brother was the right person to probe this,” he continued. “It will be difficult to criticize or suspend Chris Cuomo now after allowing some kind of non-journalistic or bad journalistic practice.” But despite sharing the same network, Tapper says Cuomo’s scrutiny has not affected his “State of the Union” work. “It does not affect my work,” he said. “Their job is not my job and my job is not their job. And yes, we all reflect on each other. But the only thing that I have a role over, the only thing that I have control over, because I’m not management, right? I’m not the CNN bureau chief in DC, I don’t have a say in what goes on my show. Read the original Jake Tapper story: Chris Cuomo puts CNN ‘in a bad place’ at TheWrap

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