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Minority Parliamentary Leader Kevin McCarthy speaks during his weekly press conference December 5, 2019, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Alex Wong / Getty Images

  • Rep. Kevin McCarthy said on Saturday he would bet his house on the chances of the GOP getting a majority in 2022.

  • “I would bet my house. My personal house. Don’t tell my wife, but I will bet it,” he said.

  • Democrats have a slim majority in the House. Republicans will need to reverse five seats to regain control.

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Rep. Kevin McCarthy said on Saturday he would bet in his own home on Republicans reclaiming a House majority in 2022.

“We are going to get the majority back. We are at five seats,” he told a crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“I would bet my house. My personal house. Don’t tell my wife, but I will bet it,” he continued. “It’s the smallest majority Democrats have had in 100 years.”

In the 2020 election, Democrats retained control of the House. Democrats now have a slim majority in the lower house, and Republicans only need to reverse five seats to regain control. Democrats also took over the Senate from the Republicans, giving President Joe Biden a Democratic stronghold in Congress.

McCarthy also said there was “no chance” the Republicans would lose in 2022.

From the days surrounding Biden’s official inauguration to power, other Republicans have also started to complain about a possible GOP victory in 2022.

Earlier this month, for example, Senator Lindsey Graham said he would try to leverage the influence of former President Donald Trump to get the Republican Party to take over the House and Senate in 2022. .

In an interview with Politico, Graham said he plans to meet with Trump to discuss the future of the GOP and his role in it.

“I’m going to try to convince him that we can’t do it without you, but you can’t keep the Trump movement going without the GOP uniting,” Graham said.

“If we go back to 2022, then that’s an assertion of your policy,” he said of Trump. “But if we lose again in 2022, the narrative will continue that not only have you lost the White House, but the Republican Party is in bad shape.”

McCarthy’s office did not immediately return a request for comment.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hit back at McCarthy’s remarks in a statement to Insider:

“No one should be surprised that the minority leader is willing to bet at home,” said Robyn Patterson, deputy director of communications. “McCarthy has little to give after sacrificing his integrity trying to cancel $ 1,400 survival checks for Americans trying to make ends meet during a deadly pandemic.”

Democrats and Republicans clash again over the content of the next stimulus bill. House Democrats over the weekend approved a $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package containing 1,400 stimulus checks for Americans.

McCarthy, the minority House leader, was one of the bill’s dissenters, telling the House that its price was untenable.

“The Democrats’ spending bill is too expensive, too corrupt and too liberal for the country,” the California Republican said.

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