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Google Play names the best Android, Wear OS and tablet apps of 2023

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As 2023 draws to a close, Google Play today named the best Android apps and games of the year. This includes user choice and several “Best For” categories. These listings are localized and you can browse your country by tapping the banners at the top of the Play Store.

Users’ Choice 2023

The list below reflects the American results, with ChatGPT winning the Users’ Choice App award. BeReal won last year, with the two winners before that being the streaming services (Paramount+ and Disney+). In the meantime, MONOPOLY GO! is the game of user choice.

Best Android Apps of 2023

The “Best App (Overall) of 2023” is Legal notices: Learn visually:

As the best app of 2023, Imprint: Learn Visually shares bite-sized lessons that use visual storytelling to bring concepts to life. Explore the worlds of psychology, history, health, technology and more in a whole new way.

Meanwhile, Google Play named Spotify as offering the “Best Cross-Device App”:

Whether you listen to your favorite music in the kitchen, while commuting, or hiking, Spotify shines when it comes to working smoothly across all devices. We like how you can control remote playback on another device and download tracks or episodes for offline playback.

There are 12 “Best for” categories per category:

Ideal for watches: WhatsApp Messenger

Ideal for tablets: Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw

Best for Chromebooks: FlipaClip: create a 2D animation

Best for Google TV: Max: Stream HBO, TV and Movies

Ideal for cars: Amazon Prime Video

Ideal for pleasure: Bumble For Friends: meet IRL

Ideal for personal growth: Voidpet Garden: Sanity

Best everyday essential: Artifact: Feed your curiosity

Best Hidden Gem: Conscious: mindfulness and well-being

Better with AI: Character AI: AI-powered chat

Ideal for families: Paw Patrol Academy

Best app for good: AWorld supports ActNow

Best Android Games of 2023

The “Best Game of 2023” is Honkai: Star Rail:

This sci-fi extravaganza earns the title of our best game of the year thanks to its excellent content depth, stunning visuals, and thoughtful design. By sprinkling lore and character stories throughout the game, Honkai: Star Rail provides lasting entertainment for RPG enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Likewise, the “Best Multi-Device Game” is OUTERPLANE – Strategy Anime:

While we love its charming characters and gripping story, OUTERPLANE’s ability to run easily across multiple devices sets it apart from other turn-based strategy experiences on Play. From exceptional PC performance to the seamless transition between screens and foldables, OUTERPLANE is visually stunning, technically impressive, and just plain fun.

Best multiplayer: Distant fire 84

Best Pickup and Play: MONOPOLY GO!

Best Indian Movies: Vampire Survivors

Best story: Honkai: Star Rail

Best in progress: The guys are tripping

Best games for good: Pokémon Sleep

Best on Play Pass: Magical unleashing

Ideal for tablets: Honkai: Star Rail

Best for Chromebooks: Minecraft

Best for Google Play games on PC: Knights

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