Google Pixel 9 successor: First proof of a “Samsung-free” Tensor G5 chip in the Pixel 10

Google’s first fully proprietary chipset already tested

The image below decodes meaningless clues in the database. Chipmaker TSMC and its InFO POP technology are mentioned by name, while the only Samsung element is the 16 GB (Sec) integrated RAM, the same amount as in the Pixel 9 Pro. The abbreviation LGA indicates that it is indeed Laguna Beach, while the chip revision “A0” and revision “OTP V1” indicate the first test model, which was sent from Google LCC in Taiwan to an external testing center called Tessolve Semiconductor in India.

The virtual shipping label also provides additional information about the transaction. NPI-Open (New Product Introduction) again indicates a very early chip release, as Google will likely need 16 months of testing for its first independent design before launching the Pixel 9 successor. Planned testing also includes an SLT ( system-level test), which includes complete test procedures for the chip in a prototype.

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