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Google Meet deploys optimized “On-the-Go” mode

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As we detailed previously, Google Meet is adding an On-the-Go mode that provides an optimized meeting experience when you’re mobile.

Google Meet on mobile will detect when you are moving (on foot, in a car, on public transport, etc.) and prompt you to enable On-the-Go. A brief countdown activates the mode if you take no action.

Large, easy-to-press buttons for muting/unmuting, raising your hand, selecting audio device/source, and ending the call appear on the bottom half of the screen. Above that, you get the meeting details, including the number of participants and who the active speaker is.

Video is disabled to save bandwidth, with no ability to send or receive streams. You have the option to “Show Presentation” and display it in full screen. There is also support for breakout rooms.

You can “Turn Off On-the-Go” at the very top, while you can go to the app’s meeting settings to turn off suggestions. If it’s not turned on automatically, you can turn it on manually at any time from More Controls > On the Go.

This feature is rolling out and will be “available to all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google accounts.” We’re seeing it live today on Android (Gmail and standalone apps).

Learn more about Google Meet:

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