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Goodwill Wedding Dress Worth Thousands of Dollars Bought for $25

Talk about a good deal! An Alabama woman purchased a $6,000 designer wedding dress for just $25.00 at a Goodwill store in Birmingham.

Emmali Osterhoudt shared her discovery in a TikTok video that garnered three million views, reported.

“It fits me like a glove,” Osterhoudt said in the video. “It would hardly require any sort of modifications.”

Not yet engaged, Osterhoudt found the dress, designed by Galia Lahav, during an executive shopping trip.

Paris Hilton and Beyoncé are among the elite who have worn Galia Lahav’s creations. The Israeli designer takes between six and nine months to design and create a dress.

“I believe this dress could have been God’s plan, or rather destiny,” she said. “Maybe in a few years I’ll make a video wearing this dress (at my wedding). Who knows?”

This wouldn’t be the first donation worth thousands of dollars.

At a New Hampshire thrift store, a woman purchased a $4 “long, long painting” that was expected to sell at auction for $250,000. News week reported.


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