Goldman Sachs forecasts 25 basis point BoE hike this week, expects EUR/GBP to remain stable

Goldman Sachs weighs in at this week’s highly anticipated Bank of England meeting, forecasting a 25 basis point interest rate hike, in line with consensus. Despite this, the bank does not expect significant movements in the EUR/GBP pair due to various factors, including the BoE’s dovish future guidance and the cyclical situation in Europe.

Key points:

  • BoE increase of 25 basis points: Goldman Sachs expects the BoE to raise interest rates by 25 basis points this week.

  • Conciliatory future directions: Policymakers have indicated that they prefer to keep rates higher for a longer period, rather than making further increases.

  • EUR/GBP stable: The bank expects the EUR/GBP pair to remain relatively stable due to current macroeconomic conditions.


For Forex traders:

Foreign exchange strategy: If you are trading GBP, keep in mind that Goldman Sachs believes the room for movement against the Euro is limited. They believe that for the GBP to strengthen significantly, the economic situation in Europe and the BoE’s policies would need to be more hawkish – neither of which is likely in the near term.

For investors:

Investment Implications: A stable EUR/GBP pair could indicate less volatility in the European and UK markets, potentially affecting investment decisions and strategies.

For economists:

Implications for monetary policy: Goldman Sachs’s expectation of a rate hike by the BoE comes with an accommodating future outlook. Economists should closely monitor the impact BoE policy could have on inflation targets and the economy as a whole.


The latest information from Goldman Sachs suggests that while a BoE rate hike is likely in the immediate future, larger changes in the EUR/GBP pair are not expected due to current economic conditions and policy stances. monetary. This provides a stable, but cautious, outlook for traders, investors and economists.

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