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Transgender prisoner attacked guards after razors were taken away meaning she couldn’t shave

A transgender inmate at a maximum security prison attacked a guard after her razors were removed, meaning she could no longer shave, a court has heard. Marcia Walker, 47, a child rapist officially known as Mark Walker, is legally recognized as a woman by prison authorities but is in a long-standing dispute over access to gender realignment surgery . Durham Crown Court heard that Walker reacted angrily when Frankland Prison officers objected to her having razor blades. She claimed that not being able to shave made her gender dysphoria worse and, when prison officers entered her cell, spat on one and said, “I have Covid. In the same incident, Walker also threatened to kill the prison director of detention, Michael Roachford, as well as to threaten another inmate. The court heard that Walker was already angry that copies of National Geographic magazine – sent to jail by a charity – were confiscated from his cell because they contained pictures of naked children. During the interview, Walker insisted that she had no sexual interest in the images in the magazine and added, “They can’t take my razors from me.” In a statement read to court, Roachford described Walker as “a white transgender inmate legally recognized as a woman.” He said: “In my role as a guardian, I shouldn’t expect threats to kill me. Marcia is used to making threats.” Fiona Lamb, attenuating, said: “The accused had a rather unpleasant experience of his detention. I am sure no one appreciates it, but due to the personal situation of the accused it was very difficult for him. it.” Walker, who appeared via video link, admitted to assaulting a prison officer, threatening to kill Mr Roachford and his fellow inmate Liam Edwards and violating a sexual harm prevention order. In sentencing Walker, Judge Ray Singh said he had “real concerns” about his release to the community, but also acknowledged that there were issues regarding his continued detention in the prison system. However, he said he was taking “a chance” on her and handed her consecutive three-month sentences for all offenses, totaling 15 months, suspended for two years, with 30 days of rehab activities with the probation service. Walker will also be subject to post-sentence surveillance. The court was told that Kent Police, their first responsible for first-time offenders in 2003, would now take her to an approved accommodation facility in Guildford, Surrey. She will be leaving Durham Prison, where she was on remand, within the next 24 hours. Judge Singh added that any violation would put her back before him and activate the full 15 months. Walker told her she would not rape, adding, “You have my word on this.” Walker was first jailed for 13 years as a man in 2003 for two rapes of girls under the age of 16, a only four years old, as well as 10 counts of taking indecent photos of children, seven for taking indecent photographs of children and two for distributing indecent photographs of children. In 2012, Walker was jailed for an additional six months for claiming that a bomb was sent to the home of then Home Secretary Theresa May. In 2017, she was sentenced to a new prison term for throwing bomb threats against Long Lartin Prison where she was held at the time.

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