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Godex 2021 Review • Benzinga Crypto

Crypto exchanges on are extremely simple and efficient. Users can choose from over 300 tokens to instantly redeem for a nominal fee. You don’t need to connect a wallet to the platform – only a wallet address is required to trade.

To trade on, simply enter a wallet address and execute the trade. This is an important feature because many crypto scams involve connecting a wallet and then stealing the funds. does not do this and only requires a wallet address. It also allows users to trade with almost any wallet they like, which few exchanges offer.

To execute a transaction, enter the wallet address where you want to receive the exchange, then send the crypto to another wallet that will execute the exchange. For example, if you wanted to trade BTC for ETH, you would enter your ETH wallet address and then send the specified amount of BTC to a wallet. The wallet would return the guaranteed rate of ETH to your wallet.

There is no maximum limit on the amount of crypto that can be traded on the platform. While there are minimums, they are extremely low and likely won’t affect the average trader. This is another unique feature that is not offered on many other cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Once an anonymous user completes a transaction on, they can view their transaction on the exchange statistics page. If a user is registered, they can see the transaction on their dashboard.

There are 2 main ways for users to contact 24/7 support team. You can connect to the platform by email at While this is standard customer service practice, goes beyond its user-friendliness and quick email responses.

There is also an online contact feature, which is a great way to get help without specifying a personal email address. However, if tracking information is required, you will need to provide email contact. This is yet another way strives to maintain user anonymity.

While has a great support system, it could improve its live support. But because already has fast, anonymous customer support, that would only add to the existing benefits.

When you complete a transaction on, the only fees you pay are the network fees associated with the transaction. These fees must be paid, but does not charge any other fees in addition.

In addition to the nominal fee, users can receive a promotional code after each transaction which will offer a small bonus on their next transaction. This is an added advantage over the platform’s already minimal fees. also has an affiliate program where users earn a welcome bonus of 0.005 BTC and up to 0.6% of the income generated from your affiliate links. Users can easily track their winnings on the scoreboard and withdraw once they have accumulated 0.015 BTC. Users cannot withdraw the initial 0.005 BTC instantly and must earn through their affiliate link. This is another unique feature that aims to give back to users.

Mobile app is currently developing a mobile application to complement its website. The mobile app would make the crypto trading experience even faster and more accessible. Most exchanges do not offer a mobile app, so will provide a one-time service when the app is launched.

If the app looks like the website, users can expect a clean and smooth interface that makes the trading process very easy. The website is extremely easy to use and navigate, so it’s reasonable to expect the mobile app to do the same.

While most exchanges are simply aimed at providing a place to trade cryptocurrency, does a lot more to offer users.

Anonymity is perhaps the most important benefit of the platform. Users can trade cryptocurrencies anonymously without fear of having their identity revealed. It’s a big thing in the value of the crypto community, and it doesn’t show on every exchange.

Another advantage of is the guaranteed fixed exchange rates. You can check the exact crypto rates at any time and trade crypto with those rates. Many exchanges display prices for crypto but charge slightly higher prices. guarantees that the price indicated is the price paid. When an Internet user switches to the exchange, the price displayed is fixed for 30 minutes.

Another advantage of the platform is the integration of the wallet. Edge Wallet or Coins Wallet users can trade directly through the wallet with This makes the crypto trading process even more streamlined.

The exchange is easy to understand and users do not need to know complex concepts to trade on the platform – just enter a wallet address and amount and execute the trade. This is ideal for newbies and those looking for a straightforward trading experience not often found in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space.

The website is easy to navigate. The menu is visible at the top of the home page and the other pages are clearly displayed and easy to navigate. The FAQ section offers answers to most basic questions related to the site. Overall, provides a simple and efficient trading platform that is suitable for everyday use. against competitors