Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney Comment on ‘Anyone But You’ Romance Rumors

Glen Powell knows that fans who saw his affectionate behavior with his “Anyone But You” co-star Sydney Sweeney last year suspected they were having an affair.

Turns out that’s exactly what he and Sweeney, who was also one of the film’s executive producers, wanted them to believe. The two actors deliberately increased their chemistry while promoting the hit 2023 romantic comedy as a marketing ploy, Powell told the New York Times.

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney on stage at the 2024 People’s Choice Awards.Mark Von Holden/NBC via Getty Images

“The two things you need to sell a romantic comedy are fun and chemistry. Sydney and I have a lot of fun together and we have effortless chemistry,” Powell said.

“These are people who want what’s on the screen off the screen, and sometimes you just have to lean into it a little – and it’s worked wonderfully.” Sydney is very intelligent,” he added.

Powell and Sweeney inspired online gossip about themselves in part by behaving comfortably during their interviews and in videos promoting the R-rated film, now streaming on Netflix.

The rumors were also sparked by reports that Powell had broken up with his girlfriend, model Gigi Paris. Sweeney is engaged to Jonathan Davino.

For her part, Sweeney told The New York Times that she was involved in every aspect of the romantic comedy’s marketing strategy. “I was on every call. I was in group text chats. I probably had to keep everyone in marketing and distribution at Sony up at night because I couldn’t stop with ideas,” she said.

“Anyone But You,” loosely based on Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” tells the story of an aspiring lawyer named Bea (Sweeney) and a former Goldman Sachs employee named Ben (Powell) who choose to pretending to be a couple in a destination. wedding in Australia a few years after their one and only date ends terribly.

When Sweeney first hosted “Saturday Night Live” in March, she jokingly addressed rumors of an affair between her and Powell during her monologue.

Sweeney told viewers that her fiancé also produced “Anyone But You” and was “there during the whole filming,” adding that he was also sitting at that very moment in the “SNL” audience. But when the camera moved to Davino, it landed on a smiling Powell.

Powell also appeared again in the series finale sketch as a boss having an affair with his employee, played by Sweeney.

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