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Gleb Savchenko becomes US citizen and calls it a “dream come true”

As for the next season of DWTS, Gleb says he’s still not sure if he will receive the call to participate. But if he does, his ideal match would be someone with a little dance experience who is “someone people love, relatable with a great story, hardworking, and down to earth so she can actually take it. all the s- -t of the Russian artist, you know? ” He punctuates his list with a laugh.

But no matter what, Gleb doesn’t have much to complain about these days. “I love to work, I love to dance, I love to create and I love to be in the studio,” he enthuses. “This is such an amazing gift that I have from the universe, and being from Russia, now I have an American passport, I’m sure Dancing with the stars. I’m like ‘Oh my god, life is happening!’ “

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