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Giuliani: “ I have never, ever represented a foreign national ”

His comments follow a former member of the Ukrainian parliament, Andrii Artemenko, told POLITICO that he had spoken with Giuliani’s FBI. Artemenko declined to give further details on his communications with law enforcement.

Giuliani, a longtime confidante of Donald Trump who until last year was the former president’s personal attorney, said FBI agents produced a single-episode search warrant in which Giuliani allegedly failed to register as a foreign agent.

Agents had requested permission last summer to search Giuliani’s apartment, but Justice Ministry officials refused the request due to rules limiting certain actions in the run-up to elections. Giuliani and his relatives described the situation as a political success, although President Joe Biden told NBC News he was only aware of the raids after they had occurred.

Giuliani told Carlson on Thursday that he had offered to cooperate with law enforcement for the past two years. He called the warrant “illegal” and “unconstitutional,” adding that a warrant could only be issued if there was evidence that he planned to destroy the materials.

The FBI investigation into Giuliani appears to be focused on his Ukraine-related work as he tried to find incriminating evidence on Biden’s son, then a candidate, Hunter. At the same time, Trump officials have signaled to the President of Ukraine that they want the country to announce an investigation into Biden’s son, otherwise the United States will refuse military aid. This news was the source of Trump’s first impeachment.

Earlier Thursday, Trump defended Giuliani in an interview with Maria Bartiromo, host of Fox Business.

“Rudy Giuliani is a great patriot,” Trump said. “He does these things – he loves this country and they are raiding his apartment. It’s, like, so unfair and such a double – it’s like a double standard like I don’t think anyone has seen before.

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