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Gina has the best birthday present for Carlos in HSMTMTS clip

At High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, birthday gifts come in the form of elaborate musical numbers.

This is Carlos (Frankie Rodriguez) birthday on the Disney + comedy this week, and his friends are throwing him a Quinceanero to celebrate it, a few years late. Obviously, this is a party that includes a stage and several performances dedicated to everyone’s favorite choreographer / candlestick, and E! News gets a glimpse of one of them.

As a gift, Gina (Sofia wylie) decides to pay tribute to a video Carlos made just before his 13th birthday. The other kids at school weren’t particularly kind to Carlos’ house dancing, but Gina gives him the epic treatment she deserves, in a truly spectacular outfit with a few dancers in the background. You can watch his performance in the clip below, with an introduction from young Carlos and a reaction from the current Carlos.

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