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Giles County Church targeted by thieves three times in past 18 months

ELKTON, Tenn. – Repeated cases of lawn care theft and catalytic converters in a pickup truck have left a local church frustrated but hopeful officials will surrender to local law enforcement.

“In the last six months we have had the converter removed from the van twice and we have had our lawn mower, which we only had four months… stolen as well,” said the pastor of Sunrise Chapel, Eddie Woodard.

According to Woodard, the van is especially crucial in helping the Sunrise congregation.

“It is very necessary,” he said. “There are a lot of people in our community who would love to come to church and would love to participate in the activities that we have for the kids and things like that, but don’t always have the transportation or the means to get here.

But it has also become a common target along US Highway 31. The church had security cameras installed after the pickup’s catalytic converter was first stolen a year and a half ago, Woodard said, but none. arrest was made.

But in the early morning of October 10, church surveillance cameras clearly showed two people walking through the parking lot and then smashing the converter, worth hundreds of junk or salvage.

“None of this (property) belongs to us,” said Woodard. “Everything belongs to the Lord. “

Woodard hopes that instead of authorities finding the suspected culprits, the suspects find each other first.

“It’s a little embarrassing when you go out and your van has been vandalized.” But at the same time, we know that something is causing these kinds of people to do these things. I mean, that’s why we’re all here, it’s just to help each other heal, help each other in their struggles, and these two are no different. They need help, and that’s what the Lord is for.

Elkton Police are investigating the stolen lawn mower, while the Giles County Sheriff’s Office is investigating Sunday’s catalytic converter theft.

Anyone with information relating to these cases can call (931) 363-3505.