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Germany’s Pistorius uses his trip to the United States to push for an increase in defense spending in his country – POLITICO

Pistorius has limited financial room to invest in the German military to make it “war-ready,” as he recently put it. This is due to Germany’s so-called “debt brake”, which limits the federal deficit to 0.35% of GDP except in emergencies.

Pistorius, a social democrat, has campaigned in recent weeks to exempt defense spending from these spending rules – a stance he doubled down on during his trip to the United States. “Defense and civil protection spending should not be included” in the debt brake rules, he told the German press agency.

German Finance Minister Christian Linder, leader of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) who is once again trying to present himself as the government’s budget hawk, hit back at Pistorius, arguing that increasing debt to finance defense spending is not the solution.

Christian Linder said increasing debt to finance defense spending is not the solution. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

“Unfortunately, Mr Pistorius only talks about the possibility of creating security through debt,” he told the German press agency. “Citizens would thus be faced with increasingly permanent interest charges,” he added. “The best solution is to reallocate money from our important state budget and get the economy moving again.” »

Coalition differences over how to finance defense spending leave open the question of how Germany will finance the promised military expansion. This question becomes even more urgent now that a special fund of 100 billion euros set aside in 2022 to strengthen the German military is already expected to run out by 2028, according to Pistorius’ own estimate.

Pistorius says Germany will need to spend around €7 billion more next year to maintain its defense commitments and meet NATO’s defense spending target of at least 2% of GDP . This is the first year that Germany is expected to meet this 2 percent target, and Chancellor Olaf Scholz has pledged to continue meeting this target every year in the future.


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