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Germany bans Muslim group for suspected terrorist donations

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CIA Forges Unity In Diversity: Everyone Hates Their ‘Awakened’ Recruitment Announcement

Social media campaign featuring self-proclaimed cisgender Latin American intelligence officer has sparked ire from right and left The CIA’s attempt to refresh its image for a new generation has drawn criticism from both left and right , but others were in favor. “Diversity is an operational advantage,” said a former officer. Photograph: Dennis Brack / EPA Throughout its long and colorful history, US intelligence has come under heavy criticism, for engineering coups, drug trafficking and torture, but little more 100 days after the start of the Biden administration, he faces a new charge that no one saw coming: Is the CIA too awake? A social media campaign, Humans of CIA, aimed at boosting diversity within the agency united critics on the right and left in a moment of shared derision, albeit for different reasons. The focus of the outcry is a video about a Latina intelligence officer, who says, “I am a cisgender millennial, who has been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. “I’m intersectional, but my existence is not a box-checking exercise,” she said, in the voiceover of a film of her confidently walking through CIA headquarters in Langley with a t- shirt featuring a closed fist motif. “I used to struggle with impostor syndrome, but at 36, I refuse to internalize mistaken patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be,” she adds. The waking state terminology sparked a volcanic backlash on Fox News. One guest, Bryan Dean Wright, a former CIA operations officer turned political strategist, called it “propagandist trash” and the culmination of what he claimed was a liberal takeover. “What happens when you hire a bunch of people who are wokesters who go out into the world that is not awake?” He asked. “Is an analyst who is a wokester – going to add nuance to his analysis?” … Of course not, they are activists now. Republican Senator Ted Cruz joined in and tweeted: If you are a Chinese Communist, or Iranian Mullah, or Kim Jong Un … would you be afraid of that? “We’ve come a long way since Jason Bourne,” he added, before being quickly reminded in Twitter responses that Bourne was an entirely fictional amnesiac leading rogue assassinations, and that Donald Trump, whom Cruz had firmly supported, had openly declared his love for Kim Jong-un. On the left, critics accused the agency of appropriating awakened language to cover up an unsavory story. “The job of the American and British intelligence services, and indeed for other establishment power centers, is to transform the Woke Wolf into a domesticated Woke Dog. I bet they succeed, ”wrote author and political analyst David Rieff. A CIA spokesperson said the campaign had been going on for some time. “In 2019, we launched our continuing social media series, ‘CIA Humans’, so that real officers can share their first-hand experiences,” the spokesperson said. Some veteran spies came to the defense of the CIA, praising the agency’s diversity efforts (other videos involved a gay CIA librarian and a blind receptionist), and arguing that it would make it more effective. “Diversity is an operational advantage. As simple as that. I want case workers who look like the UN, ”Marc Polymeropoulos, a former senior officer, said on Twitter. “[The] The agency must push diversity efforts to win, not to be “awakened”. I applaud their efforts, but I also note that they have a long way to go. “

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