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German supermarkets offer € 50 voucher to employees vaccinated against Covid – RT in english

The large distribution chain Edeka Nord is offering its employees vaccinated against Covid-19 a voucher worth 50 euros. A measure of “social responsibility” which also aims to “keep the company in activity”.

Edeka Nord, a retail chain in northern Germany, has decided to encourage its employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19, report several media from across the Rhine on April 12, offering those who do a voucher worth 50 euros.

Any staff member eligible for vaccination who gets vaccinated can receive the award, the company, which operates some 670 stores and employs around 4,400 people, confirmed to German media. However, Germany currently only vaccinates the elderly, people with chronic lung diseases, and people close to pregnant women. It is not known how many Edeka Nord employees fall into these categories, but the company has said it wants to “fulfill its duty of responsibility as an employer and support the country’s vaccination strategy”.

Besides “social responsibility”, the initiative also serves “the individual interest” and the need to “keep the company going,” Edeka Nord deputy managing director Julia Koerner told the German regional daily Kieler Nachrichten. The supermarket chain has even developed a “concept” to vaccinate its employees in their workplace. The initiative was welcomed by the government of Land of Schleswig-Holstein.

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