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Genflow secures $ 11 million investment from BGF – TechCrunch

Genflow, a London and Los Angeles-based branding agency that offers an e-commerce and mobile technology platform for influencers to build businesses, has raised $ 11 million in funding.

British investor BGF leads the tour. The capital injection will be used by Genflow to further expand its offering and for its international expansion.

Founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Shan Hanif to help social media influencers grow their brands and extract revenue from their audiences, Genflow combines aspects of a traditional brand agency – such as strategy, design and planning – and a tech company with its own software stack.

This allows Genflow to position itself as a brand as a service (BaaS) platform, which helps influencers develop their own digital and physical products instead of promoting other brands, and allows them to launch their own. membership club, gated community, mobile app or directly to the consumer brand.

“Genflow offers the complete infrastructure from design, development, manufacturing and logistics to strategy, marketing and content creation to drive revenue and profit,” the company explains.

Genflow says its customer base consists of established influencers who typically have many followers on Instagram and YouTube.

“Genflow allows an influencer to start their own business instead of traditional branding agreements, so if someone with an audience really wants their own audience and their business, Genflow does it for them,” Hanif explains. “We provide them with the complete infrastructure to start a business: design, manufacture, development, content, strategy and marketing in one place. This gives us the unique ability to perform at a very high level which generates income ”.

Hanif says influencers typically approach Genflow either with an idea or when they need help figuring out which brand they can launch. “We use ‘Genlytics’, our in-house software, to see which is the best brand they can publish by checking their analytics, their follower breakdown, which brands they have worked with in the past and to see how well they can potentially sell, ”he explains.

Next, Genflow onboard the customer and begins the branding process, offering broadly two options: closed content, membership clubs, community and mobile apps, or direct consumer brand development with physical products.

The first is akin to having your own OnlyFans, Patreon, or social media platform. The second is a classic D2C e-commerce game and includes product design and working with factories to create samples, manufacture the products, and then handle all logistics, etc.

“In both cases, we plan the brand launch, the marketing strategy and then work with the influencer to launch the brand itself,” Hanif adds.

“What is interesting is that traditionally in startups we find a problem, we form a team, we fund and then we try to find clients. What we came up with was “the audience first approach” where we already have the audience and now just need the right products and it’s instantly successful. The metrics I see for our brands aren’t normal: 5-30% conversion rates, 20% repeat purchases, and around 6: 1 return on Facebook ads.

“We are proud that every brand we have launched to date is profitable and growing year on year, so we know our approach is working.”

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