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Génération identitaire protests its dissolution before the Council of State – RT in French

The association has defended itself against any incitement to hatred and has filed an appeal with the Council of State for “excess of power”, as well as an interim suspension in order to suspend its dissolution decided in March 2021 by the government. .

The anti-immigration association Génération Identitaire (GI) challenged its dissolution decreed in March by the government on April 30 before the Council of State, rejecting the idea that it incited hatred by systematically linking immigration and insecurity. During the summary hearing, GI’s lawyer, Me Pierre Robillot, considered that the association was only “questioning” on topical issues, in line with the public debates on these subjects.

“For Génération identitaire, any immigrant is a potentially violent person who is likely to take action. There is an automatic link between violence, immigration and insecurity, ”on the contrary accused Pascale Léglise, the deputy director of legal affairs at the Ministry of the Interior, during the hearing. In support, she cited various slogans of the anti-immigration association, spelled out throughout their nine years of existence: “When you leave your home, you are no longer safe”, “the scum can strike” , “We welcome them, they slit our throats”, “immigration, invasion”. “Faced with insecurity, scum and Islamization: protect your people!”, Also wrote the association on Twitter.

Created in 2012, this 1901 law association, whose number of activists and sympathizers is estimated by specialists at 800, became known by occupying the site of a mosque under construction in Poitiers. She then deployed a banner evoking “732”, the year in which “Charles Martel defeated the Arabs in Poitiers”.

GI has also drawn media and political attention with its anti-migrant actions in the Mediterranean or the Alps. Its operation of the same type in the Pyrenees at the end of January “scandalized” the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin who launched the dissolution procedure. In the dissolution decree, the government accuses the association of “inciting discrimination, hatred and violence” and “willingness to act as a private militia”.

In reaction, GI lodged an appeal with the Council of State for “excess of power” as well as a summary suspension (emergency procedure) in order to suspend the dissolution of the association, while the Council State rule on the merits.

“Make the safety of people who are on French territory prevail”, according to GI’s lawyer

“The link between immigration and terrorism, and more generally insecurity, is something that is part of the public and political debate”, argued for GI Me Robillot, citing various political figures who have spoken on the subject, Emmanuel Macron to Christian Jacob, via Bruno Le Maire.

In this context, GI is simply adopting “a firm and hard position, which consists in setting aside humanitarian considerations in order to ensure the safety of the people who are on French territory”, he added. “I do not think that it is an association which puts oil on the fire but on the contrary a decompression valve”, added his colleague Pierre-Vincent Lambert.

On the contrary, the representative of the Ministry of the Interior argued that “essentializing these people solely on their origins is to stigmatize this origin and make it one of the causes of insecurity”. “This amalgam without nuances is from our point of view very dangerous, all the more so today with the fracture of the company on these questions”, continued Pascale Léglise.

The dissolution of GI came after the Interior Ministry had already obtained, in recent months, that of three associations accused of being close to the Islamist movement (CCIF, BarakaCity and the Cheikh Yassine collective) in the wake of the assassination of Samuel Paty in October 2020, as well as that of the Turkish ultranationalist group of “Gray Wolves”.

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