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gathering beer in hand and without masks for the reopening of the terraces (IMAGES) – RT in French

Opponents of the freedom restriction measures gathered in front of a bar in the Dutch town of Breda for a protest aperitif without masks. Populist deputy Thierry Baudet came to meet them to support them.

A bar owner in the city of Breda in the Netherlands defied the risk of a fine on March 2 by opening his terrace to protest against the health measures in place in this country. RUPTLY footage shows the smiling participants enjoying the sun, all under the surveillance of a light police device. None appear to be wearing a mask.

In front of RUPTLY’s camera, the owner of the establishment, the Boerke Verschuren café, Johan de Vos, pleaded for the country’s terraces to be opened “as soon as possible”.

We should stop these crazy measures

Customers / demonstrators first gathered on the tables before the police forced them to stand, reports regional public radio Omroep Brabant. According to the same radio station, Johan de Vos called for crowdfunding to pay the fine to which he exposed himself by opening his bar.

Also present, the Dutch right-wing populist deputy Thierry Baudet called for an end to “locking up everyone”. “We should stop these crazy measures which destroy our economy, destroy our social life, ruin the youth, the student life, the social life of the young people, the sports life and also isolates our elderly”, he declared on the spot. at RUPTLY.

The Netherlands experienced the most violent riots in its recent history in mid-January during demonstrations against the health measures imposed on the population against the backdrop of the covid-19 pandemic. Since then, the protest movement against the restrictions has remained strong in the country.

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