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Gates ‘divorce lawyers were also in Bezos’ divorce case

Two of the opposing sides’ lawyers in the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce case also represented opposing parties in the 2019 divorce of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott.
Ted Billbe, one of Bill Gates’ main attorneys in this case, represented Scott in his divorce from Bezos.
Sherri Anderson, who is part of the team representing Melinda Gates, previously represented Bezos.

But that’s not all these two divorces have in common: the dollars at stake in both colonies are staggering.

Bill Gates is ranked fourth richest person in the world by Forbes with an estimated net worth of $ 130 billion. Bezos, despite the heavy blow his fortune took on his divorce, is back at the top of the list with an estimated value of $ 194 billion. MacKenzie Scott, meanwhile, is now ranked 21st with a net worth of $ 59 billion.

The two attorneys also appear to use the same Bellevue, Washington office address, according to their websites, although the sites do not list them as partners or mention each other’s name. Court documents also show a different address for Billbe.

Anderson’s website says she specializes in complex divorces in Kings County, Wash., Where Seattle and many suburbs are located, with a focus on cases involving large estates. , stock options, company valuations, international or multi-state assets, among others. things.

Billbe’s site indicates that “we often work in high-asset cases” and “cases with substantial family wealth”, as well as those “involving company executives who present complicated and deferred compensation issues.”

Anderson and Billbe were also on the speakers list at a family law conference in Washington state last month. Anderson spoke about prenuptial and postnuptial and community property agreements. Billbe spoke about best practices for unraveling long-term relationships.


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