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Gas, electricity, fuel, oil: simple advice to save on your bill – Economy

The soaring price of gas is historic. At issue: an offer that does not keep up with demand, in a context of strong global economic recovery, climatic hazards and technical problems on gas installations. Direct consequence for French consumers: a 12.6% increase on October 1 in regulated gas prices. And a further increase of 15% which could occur in a month if nothing changes.

The price of electricity is not left out: regulated tariffs should know a further increase to around 12% at the start of next year. The wholesale electricity market partly follows that of gas. But electricity is still less exposed to market prices because the risk is partly covered by the low cost of historic nuclear power.

As for the price of oil, it remains, for the time being, far from its historical records, which does not prevent prices at the pump and those of domestic fuel to reach high prices, around those at the end of 2018, during the yellow vests crisis.

State aid and a possible rebalancing between supply and demand could make it possible to limit the impact of these events on the purchasing power of households. Consumers can also follow some easy-to-follow tips that save on energy bills. We have listed them in the following articles.