Garry’s Mod Is Removing “All Nintendo Related Stuff From Steam Workshop”

I’m glad to see NintendoLife at least acknowledge that it’s possible that someone other than Nintendo made these takedowns, when every other media outlet has covered the news in a reactionary manner. The situation is unclear, but it is not impossible that a fraud posing as Nintendo made these withdrawals, given some history dating back to February, and Facepunch/Valve is none the wiser .

At the very least, I hope that my model of a Hugh Neutron player dressed as Luigi survives… and that I have properly archived my saved Nintendo content in a way that allows me to restore it on my own. Especially the Wuhu Island map which I play a lot every time I play around in GMod. At the very least, though, it seems like the community is already working to offload as much Nintendo content as possible onto third-party hosting sites, although I’ve seen some members express that they don’t really trust Facepunch because of their appearance. management of the situation. I hope they release some sort of follow-up statement related to further investigation into the allegations, because I’m sure Nintendo is going to keep quiet either way.

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