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Gardening naked: why a world day?

Beaker in the simplest device. Prune apple trees in Eve’s outfit. Try your hand at weeding naked like a (earth) worm. This is the ambition of the World Naked Gardening Day, already in place since 2005, at the initiative of Mark Storey, a journalist, and a permaculturist, Jacob Gabriel.

An initiative that runs around the world on the simple idea that gardening is, according to the two sweet-crazy people, the second activity most conducive to full stripping, just after bathing outdoors. “It must be said that swimming naked is magic”, savors Julien Claudé-Pénégry, vice-president of the French Federation of Naturism, which enthusiastically relays this world day unlike any other.

Back to earth

It won’t be the first time. Last year, the “federation” had already marked the occasion by installing a photo competition for gardeners in the hair. The surprise had been great. If Julien Claudé-Pénégry estimates at 15,000 the number of activists affiliated with the structure (for 2.1 million naturists estimated by the same federation), the pictures had arrived from everywhere and had exceeded the circle of naturists by… nature. Something to rejoice those who remind us that naturism throughout the world as in France is “above all an art of living which consists in bringing nature and the practice of family and collective nudity into communion with respect for oneself and others. and the environment ”.

Our societies need to be in contact with our first house, to rediscover the idyllic world of the Garden of Eden

So much for the main course of action, embellished with a large swig of “tolerance, respect and self-esteem” to top it off. In this context, it therefore seemed quite natural to him to “take advantage of an event” which brings to the pinnacle the return to earth naked and not yet fully tanned. “Our societies need to be in contact with our primary house”, guesses Julien Claudé-Pénégry, “to find the idyllic world of the Garden of Eden where everything is happiness, tranquility and simplicity”.

At home or outdoors

This is why the “federation” urges everyone to do what they can. Repot naked in the living room. Prune the roses from the vase with less than nothing costume. Etc. “At home or outdoors. And if you want to send us a little photo, ”smiles Julien Claudé-Pénégry, who praises this“ ultra-simple ”and positive movement, at the antipodes of exhibition. “Nudity is a pretext, not a display. It serves, in our eyes, to create a real point of equality between men and women because, even if our bodies are damaged, we look each other in the eyes ”.

So it doesn’t matter if you top your shirtless balcony basil or if you enter the plantations with your buttocks exposed, “of course taking into account the basic principles of precaution. We want photos that evoke gardening and naturism in our concern for ethics and respect ”. The pictures should be sent to The photo of the waddling earthworm obviously doesn’t count.

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