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Gabrielle Union on Dwyane Wade Father of a Child with Another Woman

Gabrielle, who previously revealed her adenomyosis diagnosis, explained that she and Dwayne were trying to have a baby of their own at the time. But her path to motherhood was no easy feat.

As Gabrielle struggled to get pregnant, she said that Dwyane told her, “As much as we want this baby, as much as I want you … We have lost too much in our relationship for me to agree to encourage you to. make one more. thing to your body and your soul. “

“Dwyane’s experience of having a baby so easily – when I couldn’t – left my soul not only shattered to pieces, but shattered into fine dust scattered in the wind,” she recalls. “We gathered what we could to slowly transform myself into something new. There was no way to hide where I had been glued back together.”

She remembered thinking, “This woman is such a failure. And she has the nerve to be old. And she has the nerve to have a younger husband. And she has the nerve to stay with a guy who had a child with someone else. “

The The best of LA The star admitted that “her feelings were not coming from a healthy place” during this time.